You are a monster.

I give you my heart but this is what I get.

My lips are red from the bite of your teeth
My skin burns, caused by the fire called your hands
My heart is an open wound from an irreparable tear
You say you don’t love me but your claws refuse to let go

You are a monster, so you won’t
So I’ve decided to let you stay
Tears morphed to steel
Emotions twisted to armor

My heart still beats red, but no longer hurts for you
I grab your hands with just as much fire as you do
You start to attack less
Celebrating in the response that’s been given to you

More twisted grins, lesser cruel snarls
More somewhat welcome mornings than long nights in cages
I learn how you work and revel in how well I’ve worked you
Spirit burns fiery red not cool blue

You’re a monster
But I have tamed you

Or have I become one too?